About Samuel


Samuel is an editor and screenwriter who specializes in story structure and character development.

Samuel has done story editing and writing for Canadian film productions based in Saskatchewan. He now works independently as an editor, working directly with writers to help them breathe life into their stories and realize their potential on the page. He studied writing for film and television at Vancouver Film School and has two degrees in psychology and philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan.

Sometimes he says funny things. We’re trying to make more of him but we’ve lost the instructions.

Give me a bad idea and I will find the greatness in it.

Samuel’s accomplishments include co-writing a feature film, writing and shooting short films both independently and in collaboration with local filmmakers, and working as a script reader for Integral Artists located in Vancouver, BC. He has two years of journalism experience and was a Senior Editor for the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal during his time at university.

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Pictured: Noam Chompsky, arguably the most adorable kitty.